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Commerical Flagpoles

    Washington Commercial (External Halyard) Washington Commercial (External Halyard)
    Our Washington Commercial flagpoles are the most heavy-duty tapered aluminum poles available. Our high quality hardware meets the most stringent architectural standards in the construction industry. These flagpoles are designed to enhance the landscape of any business or industrial property.
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    Veteran Commercial (Internal Rope Halyard) Veteran Commercial (Internal Rope Halyard)
    The Veteran features an internal halyard, meaning that the rope for raising and/or lowering the flag is located inside the pole. A lockable access door aids in the security of your flag.
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    Patriot Commercial (Internal Cable Halyard with Winch) Patriot Commercial (Internal Cable Halyard with Winch)
    The Patriot features an internal halyard with a winch similar to the Veteran. However, the Patriot comes with a winch and stainless steel cable (instead of a rope) for longer durability and help with raising and lowering the flag. It too comes with a lockable access door for unsurpassed security.
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