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    State Flags [Nylon] State Flags [Nylon]
    Unsurpassed in elegance and craftsmanship State and territorial flags are made to precise specifications, specifically for Outdoor Use. Made of 100% lustrous Invista Nylon Fabric and finished with canvas heading and brass grommets. Our process reproduces with exactness, intricate emblems in fast brilliant colors. Each flag is individually boxed.
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    US Flags [Nylon] US Flags [Nylon]
    These heavy weight nylon flags are beautifully constructed with embroidered stars sewn stripes and reinforced fly-ends with nylon thread. They combine lustrous beauty with superior wearing quality and excellent fly ability. The flags are made of the finest 200 denier nylon specifically manufactured for outdoor use and Made in America
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    US Flags [Two Ply Polyester] US Flags [Two Ply Polyester]
    The Polyester II fabric is the top of the line choice in the polyester flag market. Woven of two -ply polyester yarn that combines the strength of polyester with additional richness of color has made it a favorite of flag users Nationwide. The fabric provides extra durability that can be gained by using POLYII, but sacrifices some fly- ability. Like the nylon flags these flags are specifically manufactured for outdoor use and Made in America.
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    Military Flags [Nylon] Military Flags [Nylon]
    These Flags are commercial reproductions of the official flags of our Military. They are made of heavy-duty nylon, finished with canvas heading and grommets with lock-stitched and reinforced fly hems. Support your military by flying one or more today. They are available in three sizes.
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    Confederate Battle Flags Confederate Battle Flags
    We carry both Nylon and Hand Sewn Applique Confederate Battle Flags. They represent an important part of American History.
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    Other Historic Flags [Nylon] Other Historic Flags [Nylon]
    These nylon flags are accurate reproductions of the most commonly exhibited American History Flags. They are finished with canvas heading and grommets with lock-stitched and reinforced fly hems.
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    Religious Flags [Nylon] Religious Flags [Nylon]
    All flags are manufactured of superior quality U.S. Governments heavyweight nylon that has a brilliant luster. This highly weather resistant material is recommended for frequent parade use. Excellent for churches, school, clubs and organizational rooms.
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