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Veteran Commercial (Internal Rope Halyard)


Groundset foundation with exposed heights from 25-40 ft.

The Veteran features an internal halyard, meaning that the rope for raising and/or lowering the flag is located inside the pole. A lockable access door aids in the security of your flag.

Standard Features Include:

      • Stationary truck with aluminum pulley assembly
      • Bronze swivel snaphooks
      • Beaded sling assembly
      • Plastic covered counterweight
      • Flush access door with cylinder lock
      • Spun aluminum flash collar to match pole
      • Galvanized corrugated steel ground sleeve with grounding spike

Optional Features:

      • Internal Revolving Truck – add $100

Veteran Commercial (Internal Rope Halyard)
Exposed Height Base Diameter Wall Thickness Wind Speed
25 ft 5 inches 0.125" 150mph
30 ft 6 inches 0.156" 105mph
25 ft 6 inches 0.188" 200mph
35 ft 6 inches 0.156" 80mph
35 ft 7 inches 0.156" 115mph
40 ft 7 inches 0.156" 87mph
  Based on 1997 NAAMM specifications, Guide Specifications to Metal Flagpoles, fourth edition.

When selecting a flagpole, it is important to consider the maximum wind speeds. (See the map to the left). American flagpole recommends flag sizes based on wind speed, pole height and the specific specifications per flagpole. Generally, the higher the expected wind speed, the smaller the flag size that should be flown. Contact us for recommended flag sizes to match wind speeds in your area.