Flagpole Dictionary

Aircraft Cable Halyard
Aircraft cable is made of aircraft grade steel cable.

Anodized Finish
A finish achieved by immersing the material into an acid solution and passing a direct current through the material in such a manner as to form a durable oxide film on the surface of the flagpole shaft. This is meant to increase resistance to corrosion and abrasion. However, this process inherently results in color variations where there are chemical or physical differences on the pole shaft or between parts of the pole castings. An anodized finish can be attained in clear, black or various shades of bronze.

Beaded Sling Assembly
A beaded cable assembly used on internal halyard flagpoles to secure the lower end of the flag to the flagpole.

Butt Diameter
Diameter at the base of pole.

Bronze Finish
A color of finish which can be achieved through powder coating or anodizing.

Items, which are attached to the flagpole, shaft, wall, or at some other desired location. The halyard is wrapped around the cleat(s) to prevent the flag from moving up/down the pole.

Counterbalanced Flagpole
Consists of mounting to a counterweight (box filled with counter weight material with base plate and support channels) to allow pole to be rotated to the ground for special maintenance needs.

Double Revolving Truck
Is an assembly that mounts to the top of the flagpole and has a pulley on either side. The assembly includes bearings that allow it to turn with the wind. Only available on external halyard flagpoles. Single revolving is the Industry Standard.

External Halyard
Rope system for raising and lowering flag located on outside of pole.

Flash Collar
Fits over the ground sleeve and bottom of the pole to protect it from the elements and gives the base a finished look. Space between collar and pole is sealed to keep water away from the base of the pole and anchorage system.

Flush Access Door
The door is a flush with the pole not mounted to the outside

Ground Sleeve
The sleeve that the pole slots into when erecting a standard flagpole.

Ground Set Foundation
A support structure which includes an area of concrete with the ground sleeve properly installed into it. Sizes vary based on pole sizes and locations.

The rope or cable used to affix the flag snaps to the flag for raising and lowering. Can be placed externally for convenience or internally for security. Choosing an external or internal design is among the first choices you will make when buying a flagpole.

Internal Halyard
Rope or cable system located on the inside of a pole for raising and lowering a flag. Accessed through a hinged door compartment in shaft.

Rotating Arm
A metal arm at the top of the pole which keeps the flag taught at all times. Normally used for portrait flags.

Satin Finish
Finish achieved on aluminum shaft by directional sanding.

Single Revolving Truck
Is an assembly that mounts to the top of the flagpole and has a pulley on one side. The assembly includes bearings that allow it to turn with the wind. Single revolving is the Industry Standard.

Snap Hooks
Used to attach flag to rope or cables.

Stationary Truck
A pulley assembly that mounts to the top of the flagpole with set screws. This system is more economical and requires less maintenance than the revolving style.

Truck Assembly
The pulley mechanism atop the pole that guides the halyard as the flag is being raised or lowered.

Thermoset Powder Paint
Electrostatically applied polyester or urethane powder that is oven cured to form a dry and durable finish. Gives you the option of further customizing your flagpole to match its surroundings. Standard colors are dark bronze, black, white, dark green and clear. Custom colors can be mixed per a customer's specifications. The outdoor life of our standard thermoset powder coating (1.5 mil TGIC polyester thermoset powders) is rated at 15-plus years by the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers Metal Finishes Manual.

On internal halyard system flagpoles. Mechanism typically with gears for raising and lowering flags with a handle.